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Hereby requests a breeding service to the KWPN Stallion "OXFORD" (Burggraaf/Voltaire/Uppercut xx/Marco Polo)

for the mare _____________________________   Breed & Reg. # __________________________YOB:______

Sire: ___________________________________   Dam:_____________________________________________

Color & markings: _____________________________________________________________________________



For the 2013 breeding season at a stud fee for fresh cooled of $1500 CAD* plus shipping costs and GST.

     (Inquire about frozen semen doses.)

1.  The full breeding fee of $1500 CAD*, payable to Dena Viallet  (includes 1 collection)   

         A $300 CAD discount is available for payment in full before March 1, 2013.

2.  A Booking fee and initial collection fee are both included in the stud fee. Subsequent collections are $300 each.

3.  Live Foal Guarantee (LFG) applies for the next breeding season.  A substitute mare may be used with the stallion owners approval.  Should the LFG need to be carried forward past one year (into 2014) a $300 rebooking fee applies.

4.  A copy of the mares reg. papers should be sent to the breeding farm with the contract (for record keeping & reporting purposes). Please include a completed mare profile sheet with your contract.

5.  The mare owner shall agree that each mare offered for breeding shall be in sound breeding condition and free of infection or disease, and that all necessary veterinary examinations and treatments will be carried out in order for the mare to conceive and maintain her pregnancy.

6.  The stallion owner agrees to send high quality semen.  If the mare does not settle, the stallion owner shall not be held responsible.

7.   A live foal means that a single live foal shall stand and nurse for 7 days. Return service as available to the same mare, or a substitute mare with the stallion owners approval, if the mare fails to produce a single healthy live nursing foal.  No money shall be refunded.

8.  Fresh cooled semen is available during periods not conflicting with Oxfords competition schedule. The availability of fresh cooled semen is not guaranteed. Frozen semen shall be utilized in the event fresh cooled semen is not available.

9.  When shipping semen all costs incurred with the collection & shipment of the semen and the immediate return of the Semen Container shall be at the mare owners expense.

10.  A breeders certificate will be issued to the mare owner after all expenses have been paid, and with the notification of the birth of a live foal. Multiple mare discounts are available (please inquire). No surcharge fees to breed registries will be paid for the mares.

11. Waiver of Liability: It is understood that the stallion owner, employees, & veterinarians, shall not be liable for any lost shipments of semen, nor for a mare not conceiving with good quality semen.

12.  When the above named mare owner signs and returns one copy of this contract, completed in full, plus the mare profile sheet, to the stallion owner (with applicable fees), it will be a binding contract to both parties, subject to all above conditions. Please phone for semen in sufficient time to receive your semen in a timely manner.



Mare Owner: __________________________________________ Date: _________________________________


Agent (for stallion):   ____________________________________ Date:  _______________________________


Please make a copy of this contract for your records and return the original by mail, email, or fax to (204)723-2840.

Thank you!

*plus GST if in Canada (and QST if in Quebec)


CALL or TEXT:   Dena 204-526-5285        denametcalfe@hotmail.com


                                  MARE PROFILE SHEET 2013

(Please complete and return with Breeding Contract))

Fax to (204)723-2840, or email to Dena Viallet     denametcalfe@hotmail.com

Mare Owner:   ______________________________________________________________________________

Address:   __________________________________________________________________________________


Phone #s:  _________________________________________   FAX:__________________________________

Email: _________________________________________   Website:  __________________________________

Hereby requests a breeding service to the stallion: OXFORD for the 2013 season.

For the mare (no nicknames please): ______________________________________________________________

Breed registry & Reg. #: ________________________________________________________________________

Approved for breeding with: (Oxford Syndicate will send breeding reports to the following at the end of the season)


YOB:__________________    Place of birth: _______________________________________________________

Sire: ____________________   Dam:  _____________________     Damsire: ___________________________

Color & markings: _____________________________________________________________________________


Proposed  2013 breeding dates:  ________________________________________________________________

Breeding and foaling history (optional):  ____________________________________________________________ 




Additional info:  _______________________________________________________________________________





Please inquire about discounts for additional mares, repeat breedings, and early bookings!